April 9, 2021

history of journalism

You will gain practice composing informative historical context for a significant 19th or 20th century piece of journalism from the lists provided. The project will involve […]
April 8, 2021

modernity on entertainment and media

The central assignment of Senior Seminar is an extended, independent research project. You will produce an original, high-quality research paper on a subject that fascinates and […]
April 8, 2021

Police Brutality and Racism

Develop a hypothesis for your topic Look up at least 4 scientific articles that would support and/or reinforce your hypothesis or ideas. Create a research design. […]
April 8, 2021

Primary source Analysis World history- Between 10,000 bc-1700

Choosing a topic is a skill, and thus the requirement pertaining to topics is purposefully broad.  You may choose any topic relating to World History between […]
April 8, 2021

City Planning: City Beautiful vs. City Scientific

Compare the urbanism of the City Beautiful and the Garden City. How does each envision the city and its systems? What are the social and political […]
April 8, 2021

Texas child welfare system

1.       Part A of Capstone Paper-Introduction( 20 points- 6 pages Minimum) The introduction is the primer or road map of your paper. (a)In this section, you […]
April 8, 2021

Global Marketing- International marketing plan for an existing SME firm.

Develop an international marketing plan that would help an existing small or medium-sized firm exploit a market opportunity in a new foreign country (in which the company […]
April 8, 2021


1. Describe the events or experiences in your life that help you to best relate to Viktor Frankl’s stories of life in the Nazi concentration camps. […]
April 8, 2021

psychosexual stages

explain/define these 4 stages ( the oral stage, the anal stage, the phallic stage, and the genital stage) and define what latency is according to Freud […]
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