April 28, 2021

Managing Business Data for Analytics

For this assignment, you are required to perform the following tasks: 1. Understand the assignment dataset by going through the information given in the annexures and […]
April 27, 2021

Torture: War On Terror

Using APA format write, write a 1,500  word essay on the topic selected on the outline. Include a title page;  Include an Abstract;  Include a Reference […]
April 27, 2021

Human Resource

1. Pick a topic in the field of HR  – (Perhaps the position of a Human Resource Manager) 2. Pick your data measures 3. Make a […]
April 27, 2021

Computer System Architecture

Use at least three sources to research one of the following computer architectures: x86 architecture ARM architecture SPARC architecture IBM POWER architecture (RISC – AS400 and […]
April 27, 2021

Project management

Write a 1-2 page essay addressing the below: Why are you pursuing the MS in Project Management?• How will this degree help you in your career? […]
April 27, 2021

Breast Cancer Within African Americans

You will investigate a current health and wellness inequity issue that currently impacts a community of people. We will discuss topics in class and paper guidelines […]
April 27, 2021

research paper on the movie Onward that follows “the hero’s journey”

You will analyze a film that you feel closely follows the steps of Joseph Campbell’s mythic hero’s journey. Refer to the first handout I provided you […]
April 27, 2021

social media and its impacts

Writing prompt:   Around the US 2016 election, Russian entities set up and promoted fake Pages on Facebook to influence public sentiment — essentially using social […]
April 27, 2021

Ethnographic Research Proposal

Conceptualize an ethnographic research project and develop a viable research proposal along these lines.  Research topic or question: Clearly identify the research topic or question that your […]
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