April 17, 2021


1.      Compare and contrast Lenin with either Luxemburg or Walzer on the relation between socialism and democracy. Does promoting socialism require anti-democratic methods? Or do socialism […]
April 17, 2021

Workforce Planning and Staffing

Discuss the four main categories of internal and external influences on staffing decision making. Describe the differences among trend, ratio, and regression analysis methods for forecasting […]
April 17, 2021

Ethics Leadership

Discussion: Leader’s Shadows  Look for two examples of unethical leadership behavior in the news and classify them according to the shadows presented in Chapter 1 of […]
April 17, 2021

Health Multiculture

What is Culture? “The complex whole which includes beliefs, art, knowledge, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by [man] as a member […]
April 17, 2021

Identify the political transformations the New Left

Follow essay format and paragraph format and topics below to answer this essay topic.  Identify the political transformations the New Left sought to implement. Why and […]
April 17, 2021

The Female Heart Attack Informative/Persuasive Analysis.

The assignment is to write about the differences between an Informative and Persuasive speech using examples from the Female Heart Attack Packet. Through analyzing the mini-informative […]
April 17, 2021

Marketing Management – Target Markets and Segmentation

In this project, you will take on the role of an entrepreneur developing a marketing strategy for a new product to be introduced into a new […]
April 17, 2021

social psychology – Conformity and Obedience: Influencing Behavior

Book: Revel Social Psychology, 10th edition Chapter 8:  Conformity and Obedience: Influencing Behavior What’s the difference between the concepts of “conformity” and “obedience” (Chapter 8)? Explain the […]
April 16, 2021

Business Ethics Philosophy

Use aspects of your own personal view in the answer. Make it sound as if you were explaining your moral views using personal knowledge of business […]
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